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SpamEaterTM.Net - Managed Solution to Spam & Viruses
SpamEater.Net is a managed server based solution for filtering spam and email viruses. Setup is quick and easy since there's nothing to install on your server or clients - a quick change to your domain MX record is all that is required for complete domain filtering. Nothing to install, nothing to manage, nothing to update! Nothing to do but enjoy the lack of spam and email viruses in your mailbox! We can also host your email accounts (POP3, IMAP, SMTP) and web site if needed!  click here for more ...
SpamEaterTM Pro - Desktop Spam Protection  
SpamEater Pro - Click for more information SpamEater Pro is an award winning anti-spam solution that will seek out and 'eat' Spam in your mailbox before you download it to your mail client. SpamEater Pro supports most ISPs with support for POP3 and SMTP protocols as well as SSL/TLS secured POP3S and SSMTP (NEW!) and SpamEater is compatible with most all email client software programs. Also features integrated dial-up networking, Cable/DSL as well as LAN support, user defined filters and much more! SpamEater Pro can remove spam before you have to look at it in your inbox! Try it FREE and see the results yourself!  click here for more ...
iSpeed for Windows - Network Optimization Utility  
iSpeed for Windows - Click for more informationiSpeed is a popular shareware/freeware application for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000 and XP that can help to dramatically increase your throughput of the networking connection to the internet. Don't mess with the registry directly on your system and risk an unbootable system! Let iSpeed safely modify your settings with proven speed enhancements! iSpeed will also track and analyze your settings and results for you!  click here for more ...

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